Featured Projects

Bacon & Van Buskirk employees and laborers take pride in improving the communities throughout Central Illinois. For this reason, we would like to show you some of the commercial projects we have helped to complete. If you would like more information on previous jobs we have worked, please contact our Champaign office.

AIG - Springfield, IL

Architect: Opus Architects and Engineers
General Contractor: Opus North Corporation
Products & Services: Aluminum curtainwall, aluminum doors, fabricated brake metal

Abraham Lincoln Memorial Hospital - Lincoln, ILBack to Top

Architect: Pansing, Nolan, & Matlock Ltd.
General Contractor: Harold O'Shea Builders
Products & Services: Aluminum curtainwall, framed storefronts and entrances, revolving door entrance, sliding automatic doors, decorative glass walls, custom mirrors & sliding windows, pass-thru windows, spandrel, glazing, and vision glass

Assembly Hall - Champaign, ILBack to Top

UIUC Business Instructional Facility - Champaign, ILBack to Top

Architect: PSA Dewberry
General Contractor: CM Gilbane
Products & Services: Aluminum curtainwall, Fire-rated entrances and glazing, pre-glazed windows, and artglass

Lincoln Land Community College - Springfield, ILBack to Top

Architect: FWAI Architects Inc.
General Contractor: Evans Construction
Products & Services: Aluminum framed storefronts, entrances, windows, and glass & glazing

Cross County Mall - Mattoon, ILBack to Top

Architect: ASD Architects
General Contractor: Dodds
Products & Services: Aluminum storefronts and entrances, automatic entrance doors, ACM panels

Reynolds Development - Decatur, ILBack to Top

Architect: BLDD Architects
General Contractor: Petry-Kuhne Company
Products & Services: Aluminum curtainwall, storefronts and entrances, glass and glazing, glass canopies and ornamental stair glazing

Private Residence Handrail - Champaign, ILBack to Top

Products & Services: Dry-set handrail system, 1/2" clear glass

Scheels All Sports, Inc. - Springfield, ILBack to Top

Architect: R. L. Engebretson Architects
General Contractor: Sampson Construction Co., Inc.
Products & Services: Aluminum curtainwall, storefront, entrances, and interior storefront, windows and fixed glazing systems, sliding automatic entrance doors, aluminum clerestory windows

Lincoln Land Community College Workforce Careers Center - Springfield, ILBack to Top

Architect: PSA Dewberry
General Contractor: Core Construction
Products & Services: Aluminum curtainwall and entrances

Nikles Auto Dealership - Petersburg, ILBack to Top

Architect: design build
General Contractor: Ozella Construction
Products & Services: Aluminum curtainwall and glazing

Museum Display - South FloridaBack to Top

Architect: Taylor Studios
General Contractor: Taylor Studios
Products & Services: "Photoglass" transparent picture glass